Steph Sergi (crimsonfalls721) wrote in dyke_exchange,
Steph Sergi

Hello Strangers.

I'm not really sure how to start this. So I will be like the others and say some things about myself.

My name is Stephanie.
I am 16 years old, starting my junior year.
Which is younger than most in this community I know.
And I won't lie, I'm not sure if I am 100% gay.
All I know is that I am attracted to girls as of right now.
I know I have been bisexual for the better part of my life,
But I haven't foud myself being attracted to any guys in a long time
And I find myself turning those away who are interested in me.
I try not to analyze too much.
But I just moved to a new town, which some might call a "bible-town" in Connecticut.
Where it will be practically impossible to come out to anybody here.

Things I like to do:
I love to write
Whether it be poems, lyrics, short stories, or basic journal entries.
I love having movie nights with friends
Rather than going out and spending $10.
I love music.
I just started playing guitar a couple of months ago.
I love sports,
Especially baseball.
I also play fastpitch, and use to play basketball.

I am into classic rock.
My favorite band is probably led zeppelin.
My favorite singer is Janis Joplin.
If I listen to the radio
I mostly listen to the alt rock station.
I'm not too big on country or rap.

Looks for in a penpal:
Creative (writing, drawing, etc)
Not too guarded ( I am sort of, but I let it down now and then )
Can talk about anything without finding it awkward
Doesn't judge people
Somewhat motivated in life
Strong opinions (even though someone might now agree with them)
Someone between the ages of 15-18

I guess thats it... want to leave some mysteriousness left, right?

You can comment back or email me at

I'm more into email penpals. I know, how modern and stupid of me, gah! It's just easier now that school has started. However, I still write regular mail, if I had the time I would say I even prefer it because I love seeing different types of handwriting. It just takes me longer to respond with the snail mail, but if you are a patient person, I am all for it.
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