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New boi here

So I am the new boi here. I should introduce myself now I guess. My name is Andy. I am 17. I live in Palm Harbor, FL. (in tampa bay area) with my girlfriend. We;ve been together since Jan. 27th and now I am living with her. There's a few reasons for that. 1 is that we love each other a lot so we can't stay away very long. 2 is when I was living at my moms everyone could tell I hated it there cause i really did and have in and out of shelters and kicked out of my house several times, and a lot of different BS so i wanted to get away from that all so she also saw it better that we lived together. So I am living here with her now and I work down at CVS on Clearwater Beach. My girlfriends name is Melanie and she is 22 (just thought I would throught that in). I am in the early stages of transition haven't started T yet rather the less done any surgery. I am out to my mother bout the transformation and she is kinda getting use to it. Umm so yea I don't know what else to say here so onto the pics


 This was one day when I was bored

This is my girlfriend and I on the speed boat one day

This was on Vday

This was on her 22nd B-day party

And before they met me she wasn't out to anyone except her brother and mom and half way her aunt

Three nights before this we went out for her bday to dinner with her DAD, STEP MOM, UNCLE and Aunt (the bold is those who do not know). So they get trashed completly cause her family is alcoholics pretty much and while we ran away to downstairs to make out and etc for a few minutes (bathroom according to them). Well we went again later on...the second time some how it was out. We get back nothing said about it though. We go to the restroom one last time with her Aunt...her aunt tells us "the cat is out of the bag" meanin we don't know if they know she is with me, that she is bi or les, we dont know. Thank god for alcohol cause they didn't remember. But unthankful for aunt who tells them when they get sober.

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